Service Valve

ref. Service Valve

Sanhua Service Valves easily and efficiently shut off refrigerant flow and allow for the refrigerant to be isolated when servicing. The Service Valves are compatible with all common HCFC and HFC refrigerants and are UL certified with a maximum operating pressure of 650 psig.

Air conditioning Commercial Refrigeration Heat Pump

General Characteristics

ModelFlare inCharge Port Flare 
Service-Bar-3-S-T 7/16-20UNF 3/8
Service-Bar-4-S-T 5/8-18UNF 1/2
Service-Bar-5-S-T 3/4-16UNF 5/8
Service-Bar-6-S-T 7/8-14UNF 3/4
Service-Bar-7-S-T 1-1/16-14UNS 7/8


  • Ability to handle low pressure drops and environmental conditions
  • Compatible with all common HCFC and HFC refrigerants
  • 100% factory leak tested

General specifications

  • Applicable refrigerant: R22, R134a, R407C, R410A
  • Applicable medium temperature: -30ºC (-22ºF) ~ +120ºC (248ºF)
  • Maximum working pressure: 4.2MPa, 4.83 MPa for special square body v
  • Certification: UL