Cookies policy

A cookie is a piece of information stored on the Website visitor's hard drive through his or her browser at the request of the page server.

You as a visitor, accept that the Website's cookies have several purposes: (i) establish the visitor’s preferences (cookies store information about the visitor’s preferences in order to display content based on his or her profile); (ii) record the number of times that informational or advertising messages are shown to the Website visitor; (iii) record the number of times the visitor visits the Website. 

Limitation on visitor identification
The purpose of cookies used on the Website is not to provide references making it possible to deduce the name and surnames of the visitor or read the data on his or her hard drive or include viruses in his or her texts; instead, cookies are used to identify the number of the computer visiting the Website.

The type of cookies used on this Website has an expiry date and continues to be stored on the visitor’s computer after the visitor has finished visiting the Website.

Freedom to accept the use of cookies
You, as a visitor, have the right to decide, at your own free will, whether or not the cookies used on the SANHUA Website are implanted on your hard drive or you may even eliminate them after having visited the Website, following your browser’s instructions. Rejecting or accepting the use of cookies will not affect the possibility of visiting the Website; therefore, the use of cookies may neither be grounds nor excuse for any claim whatsoever.