Sanhua acquires R- Squared Puckett Inc.,USA

Sanhua acquires R- Squared Puckett Inc.,USA

We are pleased to announce that Sanhua Holding Group, has recently acquired 100% share of R- Squared Puckett Inc. in USA. The acquisition is done through Hangzhou TC Industry Co., Ltd., one of Sanhua Holding Group’s affiliated companies.

R-Squared Puckett Inc. is a local manufacturer of precision heat transfer system in USA, who has been in this industry for years.

We believe that the acquisition is a good fit for both Sanhua and R-Squared. It will strengthen Sanhua’s presence in North American Market and grow R-Squared to a new stage. After the acquisition, we will retain the name R-Squared Puckett Inc. and run as an independent company.

We will make sure to keep the operation of R-Squared run normally during the transition and integration. And we will continue to grow the business and expand the operation with new investment injections to better serve our strategic North America Market. 

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