Sanhua Reversing Valve Range Reaches New Heights

Sanhua Reversing Valve Range Reaches New Heights

Sanhua International is expanding the range of its world leading four-way reversing valves with the introduction of two new models to the North America market covering 93- and 119-ton applications. The SHF series is now suitable for cooling capacities from 1 (one) to 119 tons (R410A, Condition 2).

SHF series four-way reversing valves are applicable for heat pump systems to switch between cooling mode and heating mode by changing the flow path of the refrigerant. Sanhua has been manufacturing reversing valves since 1990 and since its acquisition of the Ranco® reversing valves business in 2007 has become the world’s leading supplier of four-way valves.

Sanhua SHF(L) series valves provide nearly zero energy consumption with b-stable coils and have excellent anti-vibration performance because the pilot valve is fastened to the main valve by screws. All major heat pump manufacturers in the world rely on Sanhua four-way reversing valves and you should too.

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