Ball Valves for Mini-Split

Ball Valves for Mini-Split

Isolate the indoor units in a mini-split system with specially-designed Sanhua Ball Valves.

Technical parameters

  • Models

    Aftermarket Model      Connection Type      SAE Flare ød (inch)
    BV-2-FM-TC             Flare M x Swivel Nut          1/4
    BV-3-FM-TC             Flare M x Swivel Nut          3/8
    BV-4-FM-TC             Flare M x Swivel Nut          1/2
    BV-5-FM-TC             Flare M x Swivel Nut          5/8

  • Features

    • Saves time and easier on you and your customer when service is needed
    • Faster to bring system back to peak performance when there is less guessing about the refrigerant charge
    • Isolate single and multiple indoor units
    • Male flare x female flare swivel designed to match the connections on line sets and evaporators

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