Controller for Electronic Expansion Valve

ref. Controller for Electronic Expansion Valve-1

Electronic expansion valve controller is applicable for cooling systems such as room air conditioners, commercial air conditioners and freezers which is the core component for refrigerant flow control.


High sharing design

  • Adopting sharing PCB design (4 models), applicable for detections of three temperature sensors or one temperature and one pressure sensor
  • Applicable for split or packaged unit,either cooling or both cooling and heating with various voltage
  • Applicable for all Sanhua electronic expansion valves allowing trouble-free seclection and compatibility for customers
  • The controller is equipped with a whole set of advanced system control solutions for which parameters could be adjusted according to users’ requirements

High quality design

  • Adopting overheat feedback control, PID core algorithm adjustment and control as well as functions such as abnormal protection control, defrosting control and sensor abnormal alarm
  • Using imported high quality elements for important components to ensure control accuracy of the controller
  • The bottom is painted with silica gel to improve dust-free, moistureproof and corrosion resistance performance