MDF Flange Series Solenoid Valve

ref. Flange Solenoid Valve for Oil FDF2A905 Series

MDF flange solenoid valves are used in the oil return line of compressors, applicable for various POE refrigeration oil and general refrigerants such as R22. But applicable maximum differential pressure is different in pure oil and in non-pure oil environments for the oil temperature and viscosity.

Air conditioning Commercial Refrigeration Heat Pump


  • Applicable for stop-and-go control of oil return line in refrigerating compressors
  • Direct operated, normally closed valve with Zero Min. Valve Opening Pressure Difference
  • Applicable for POE refrigeration oil and various fluoride refrigerants
  • Maximum valve opening pressure difference for gassy oil and 90ºC pure oil is 2.2MPa
  • Utilizing no connection tube structure, but flange connection is compact, light, easy to install and have good performance of anti-vibration
  • The valve body is all welded for tightness with little leakage risk

General specifications

  • Applicable refrigerant: POE refrigeration oil, R22, R134a, R407C, R404A etc.
  • Applicable medium temperature: 0ºC (32ºF) to 90ºC (194ºF) 
  • Applicable ambient temperature: -30ºC (-22ºF) to +55ºC (131ºF)
  • Maximum working pressure: 4.5MPa (655 Psig)