Inverter Controller for HP Water Heater

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Inverter Controller for HP Water Heater is used to realize overall control of the outdoor unit of heat pump and water heating system. Energy efficiency of whole water heating system can be greatly improved by actuating frequency conversion control over DC converter compressor and electrical parts such as outdoor blower, electronic expansion valve and solenoid valves. Normally, the efficiency can be up to 3.2 with incomparable energy saving advantages over other water heating methods.


  • Intelligent anti-freeze protection under low temperature, suitable for outdoor use in low temperature
  • Utilizing active frequency conversion technology for the whole process with a power factor above 98.5%, applicable for a wider range of voltage
  • Using DC frequency conversion 180° sine wave actuating technology, increasing torque compensation and more intelligent control
  • Multiple stage timing switch to meet the customers’ requirements in different time intervals
  • Sub-controller can not only control temperature of the water tank but also realize inquiry of real-time temperature and faults etc.
  • Available with circuit controlled by electronic expansion valve to better bring the efficiency of the system into full play
  • DC frequency conversion blower can be equipped to improve the system efficiency
  • Passing EMC tests with the whole frequency meeting national and relevant export standards

General specifications

  • Applicable voltage: single phase 220V±25%, 3-phase 380V±15%
  • Frequency conversion range: 15~150Hz
  • Water heating temperature: 0~+55°
  • Water temperature control accuracy: ±0.5°
  • Specifications of controllers: inverter 3HP, inverter 5HP; inverter 3HP+fixed frequency 3HP, inverter 5HP + fixed frequency 5HP