Standard inverter compressor controller

ref. Standard inverter compressor controller

Air conditioning Commercial Refrigeration Heat Pump


  • Applicable for units of 1HP to 5HP and for mitsubishi, Sanyo, TCC, GMCC, Hitachi, Highly, Panasonic, etc.
  • Pcb assembly without c-box, optional for heatsink provided or heatsink outsourced by customers themselves
  • Optional for external high frequency reactor and big electrolytic capacitor provided or outsourced by customers themselves
  • Optional DC12V Fan, which can automatically control temperature according to temperature of heatsink.
  • Use fairchild 20A, 30A ipm and Mitsubishi 50 AIPM
  • Use isolated optical coupling asyncronous communication
  • Have a communicating debugging board
  • Use isolated optical coupling asynchronous communication
  • Phase current protection, ac busbar voltage protection, heatsink overheat protection, etc