Universal AC/HP TXV Kit

R-410A and R-22 Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Universal AC/HP TXV Kit

The Sanhua Universal AC/HP TXV Kit is designed with world-class engineering and manufacturing technology combined with premium materials for superior performance.

Technical parameters

  • Features

    Three outlet connection options:

            ✓ 1/2” ODF Sweat

            ✓ Aeroquip adaptor

            ✓ Chatleff adaptor

    Built-in check valve, use either on heat pump or straight cooling applications

    Balanced port design ideal to handle a capacity range

    External superheat adjustment

    Fewer SKUs for more applications

  • Models & Capacity Selection
    Model Capacity Refrigerant
    TXVFE-2-22-KIT 2 Tons R-22
    TXVFE-3-22-KIT 3 Tons R-22
    TXVFE-4-22-KIT 4 Tons R-22
    TXVFE-6-22-KIT 4.5-6 Tons R-22
    TXVFE-2-410A-KIT 2 Tons R-410A
    TXVFE-3-410A-KIT 3 Tons R-410A
    TXVFE-4-410A-KIT 4 Tons R-410A
    TXVFE-5-410A-KIT 5 Tons R-410A
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