Sanhua’s Thermostatic Valve Passes EN 215 Certification

Sanhua’s Thermostatic Valve Passes EN 215 Certification

The thermostatic valve project team of Hangzhou Sanhua Research Institute (SRIC, a member of Sanhua Holding Group) announced that its thermostatic valve passed the EN 215 certification after 10 months of strict review and appraisal.

The EN 215 certification indicates that the whole process of thermostatic valve’s production and quality control are Keymark TRV Directive compliant and satisfies the demand exerted by EN 215-2007 thermostatic radiator control valve’s testing standards. In November 2011, engineers from Germany came to SRIC for review and sampling. The product successfully completed the required tests in the WSPLab, Germany in December. On January 31, 2013, Din Certco of Germany issued the certificate, with universal certification number ‘ID80’ that officially certifies that this thermostatic valve is EU standards compliant and can be exported to EU countries.

The EN 215 certification is an honor to Sanhua’s brand. It will help the company set up effective product development and management process system, and enhance the corporate image and market competitiveness.

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